Design and consulting
Design and consulting

Design and consulting

We not only provide specific services in the field of material processing, such as cutting and bending, but we also provide assistance in terms of design and consultancy. Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified specialists, and in our ranks you will find both proficient machine operators, engineers and designers. We try to approach the tasks entrusted to us comprehensively, which is why we start from developing the idea, through the design process, rapid prototyping, to the creation of 3D models and 2D documentation. Our ambition is to combine extensive specialist knowledge with the latest CAD tools. Our specialists create full designs of components that make up devices, entire machines, but also complete production lines. It is worth adding that we also deal with designing steel structures.

In the field of consulting, we share not only specific knowledge in the field of production and technology, but also provide the necessary assistance in the commercialization of products. Our specialists remain at your disposal, sharing their extensive experience and providing valuable advice, ideas and tips. In matters of design and consulting, we provide assistance in the following areas:

  • conceptual modeling based on initial design assumptions,
  • creating a 3D model,
  • creating visualization of a 3D model,
  • selection of manufacturing technology,
  • preparation of 2D technical documentation, including technical drawings, diagrams of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical installations,
  • preparation of assembly documentation,
  • prototyping
  • 3D model optimization,
  • applying corrections and design changes to finished projects.

We encourage you to contact us. We are convinced that together we can create something really great and valuable.