Stainless steel welding Łódź


Stainless steel is a commonly used construction material. It can be found in many places, especially on construction sites and in companies dealing with industrial automation. It is very popular due to its plastic properties and above-average durability and resistance to damage and weather conditions. Structure elements made of stainless steel are connected using a method commonly known as welding. It involves heating and melting the material in the place where we want to connect two elements with or without adding a special binder. Thanks to this technique, materials with different characteristics can be permanently joined together, including parts made of stainless steel.

Welding of stainless steel (Łódź) can be carried out in various ways – however, the choice of method depends on several factors. However, considering the purposes for which these types of structures are used, it is worth choosing the services of professionals who have been dealing with this type of construction for years. Stainless steel welding (Łódź) is one of our specialties – we cordially invite all interested parties to familiarize themselves with our offer.

Professional welding of stainless steel Łódź

Ferrotech has been a leader in mechanical engineering for many years. We dedicate our stainless steel welding services in Łódź to production plants, general contractors of construction investments, as well as companies implementing large industrial automation projects. We approach the tasks entrusted to us professionally and with passion.

Stainless steel welding in Łódź | Welding services, Ferrotech

We will weld steel structures based on the provided technical documentation. We only use proven methods that allow us to achieve results of excellent quality and precision. In our work, we use electrical methods using MIG 131 and TIG 141 techniques, which allow us to weld various metals and alloys, including stainless steel.

Their undoubted advantages include high efficiency and good quality of welded joints.

Welding stainless steel Łódź – how do we do it?

We know how important it is to have good quality machines when it comes to welding. The effect depends not only on the welder’s skills, but also on the machine facilities, which is why we constantly invest in them.

In order to provide professional services in the field of mechanical engineering, we observe trends in the industry and improve our qualifications by participating in numerous courses and training. We want to provide comprehensive welding services. We will professionally prepare the project, implement it, and perform the necessary tests.

After welding, we also carry out final processing, which involves smoothing out sharp edges and any irregularities by grinding. This will not only ensure safety during use of the structure, but will also affect its aesthetic appearance.

Stainless steel welding Łódź – services

By welding stainless steel (Łódź), we will produce specific machine elements, as well as entire mechanisms, such as freight elevators or chain conveyors. We also specialize in creating building structures and buckets, pipelines, tanks, silos and crusher jaws.

We approach each of them professionally, with passion and experience, wanting to ensure a precise, high-quality final product.

Stainless steel welding Łódź – Why is it worth trusting us?

Because we have been operating on the market for many years, constantly developing our capabilities and providing our clients with high-class welding services in Łódź. People who are interested in taking advantage of our offer of stainless steel welding in Łódź, please contact us – during the conversation we will discuss all the details of cooperation and will be happy to provide comprehensive answers to all questions.


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