Production of bent elements
Production of bent elements

Production of bent elements

We deal with the production of bent elements. We operate based on two patterns – either we rely on the documentation provided by our clients, or we complete the order comprehensively, including the design process. The bent elements we produce are perfect for a variety of applications. Our offer includes:

  • profiles and bent sections
  • elements of construction fittings
  • covers
  • decorative elements
  • boxes
  • machine elements

It is worth emphasizing that the production of bent elements is based on specialized machinery. Only thanks to the high precision of the devices and the appropriate qualifications of the operators can satisfactory results be achieved

Sheet metal bending

The process of sheet metal bending is carried out using hydraulic edge work. This is a precise device that easily bends elements up to 2500 mm long. It is worth adding that the sheet is bent under a pressure of 80 tons. CNC bending machines are devices that ensure high precision of work and their repeatability based on clearly defined parameters. Numerically controlled presses bend sheet metal at any angle, but they also offer other activities, including crimping and corrugating the surface. The wide range of functionality provided by sheet metal bending machines is possible thanks to an appropriate set of dies and punches.

It should be emphasized that sheet metal bending is quite a complex process and is actually divided into three stages. First, the material is subjected to elastic bending, then plastic bending, and finally the sheet metal is pressed. Thin sheets are cold processed, while thicker material must be heated first. Let us just add that in addition to sheet metal bending, we also offer other services based on CNC machines.

Proc. We have a rich stock of bending tools allowing us to bend complex elements. As a complement to the bending service, we also encourage you to use our other services, such as welding services or plasma cutting.